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Named the most popular tourist destinations of Ukrainians

Most citizens of Ukraine go on vacation to Egypt and Turkey - about 1.65 million tours.

This year, more than two million Ukrainians will go abroad through tour operators. On Tuesday, July 17, said the commercial Director of the tour operator SkyUp Alexander Alba, reports LIGA.net Oh?

According to his forecasts, this year the market will grow by 22-28%: about 1 million tourists will go to Egypt, about 650 thousand - to Turkey, and about 45 thousand - to the United Arab Emirates.

SkyUp, according to Alba, in 2015, exported abroad more than 300 thousand, in 2016 – 707 thousand Ukrainians, in 2018 plans to export about 1 million.

According to the study Visa Global Travel Intentions Study, Ukrainians travel half as much as Europeans, but plan in the next two years to increase the number of trips abroad almost twice. Ukrainians make an average of 1.2 trips per year-2 times less than the global level (2.5), and travel for 8 days, as well as the average global tourist.

40% of Ukrainian travelers buy package tours, and 60% - plan trips on their own or buy only part of the services in travel agencies.

Note, Ukraine intends to toughen the responsibility of tour operators. The authorities decided to take this step after the massive problems of Ukrainian tourists with flights this summer.

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