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Lizards and lizards in Thailand

Going on vacation in Thailand, many are afraid of the unknown animal world that will surround and trap them. Here is a simple logical truth: everything unknown is dangerous. Plus, the memory comes unthinkable a huge number of different Hollywood scenes from the horror films of the subtropical jungle. However, I will tell you the truth, if you are not afraid, and carefully look around, you can make your stay in a tropical country more intense and interesting, and as for children - to open a whole world of new animals, and a sea of positive emotions.

This article is not about zoos, crocodile farms or even the underwater world of the Gulf of Thailand or the Andaman sea. Together with you we will try to become young naturalists and discover the daily world of lizards of Thailand, as well as dispel the myth that in Thailand – all animals are dangerous, poisonous and aggressive.


Geckos can be found absolutely everywhere. Small lizards that crawl on the walls of houses, inside apartments, rooms, restaurants and hotels. Their legs are equipped with small suction cups, which allows them to stay even on the ceiling. Thais call them"chin-Chok." They are harmless and very entertaining – no one ever tries to lime them or drive them away. In addition, geckos eat mosquitoes – so even useful if in the evening on the ceiling of Your home going to a couple of geckos. Of course, they often break the silence with their chirping, and can still scare you by suddenly falling right on your head when you're trying to steal a beach hat from the top shelf of your wardrobe.

The most popular lizard in Thailand

Thais treat them calmly, and some moms scare their disobedient children: "If you behave badly, you will come chin-Chok and steal your liver." I can't say for sure, but it's kind of our money. Therefore, most Thai children are afraid to chase geckos and catch them with their hands, unlike my husband.

About the attitude of Russian tourists to geckos, I have a funny story POPs up in my memory. One couple was very impressed by visiting a crocodile farm-quite a common tour, because in Thailand in nature to meet a crocodile is almost impossible. So the next day after her, this cute couple went to another no less famous tour of the river Kwai, where tourists stay overnight in one of the exotic hotels right in the jungle on the river Bank. So in the evening, the wife came to the guide extremely excited to send them by taxi back to Pattaya. After much clarification, what exactly happened, they confessed that they have room to run crocodiles, they represent a potential health hazard to their lives. Well, fear, as they say, eyes are big. Or maybe it's just another bike guides...

Long-tailed lizard.

Thais call her kin Ka. This lizard you are unlikely to meet at home. But small bushes along the road-a favorite place. U see its simple and difficult at the same time – she sits motionless, frozen, and nothing distinguishes it from the branches of a Bush. However, if a little practice in looking at the bushes-you will notice their movement. This lizard is slow enough and easy to catch, but be careful jaws they are quite strong.

Small but sharp teeth are clearly visible on the photo

This lizard is very interesting – the tail is longer than her, slim tall legs framed by claws, like a bird's. When she realizes that discovered, it is actively skedaddle, highly having lifted the long tail. My husband, a lover of wild flora and fauna, once caught a lizard, though not avoiding the bite of her sharp teeth, and said that now she will live with us. For a week, she heroically boycotted all kinds of feeding attempts, so after that time, we had to let her go. Now, the same lizard often runs to us under the canopy next to the house, sliding and awkwardly ulepetyvaya from me on the tile at the time of detection. Although more it like all -??? pretend to be "rags", that even nice-a Golden opportunity to do several of lively cadres…

Large Gecko Toke.

If you find yourself in Thailand, the meeting with Toke will be one of the most colorful everyday events. If You were, you probably heard in the evening or in the morning is incredibly loud and clear, a little guttural sound in two syllables-Keee... these sounds are emitted by a large (with a length of two palms) Gecko Current. Green in a fancy red speckle Gecko often settles in homes.

His appearance in the house Thais regarded as a great success. If the house has settled the Current, with karma everything is in order (something like our storks on the roof). In our house their has lodged as much as two. Graceful in their curves, unhurried, but agile, they sit still, guarding the prey. And in the morning we are woken by a loud and constant To-Kee. They eat insects. On the floor, above the place where our toque sit a small warehouse of butterfly wings. Never try to catch it, the gecon has very powerful jaws. Tested my husband and myself...


This miracle, reminiscent of Komodo dragons can be attributed exotic with a capital letter. Scared-easily! But for children-it will be an unforgettable meeting! Huge, slow, impressive. The life of these animals is inextricably linked with water, in it they spend more time getting food. Eat mostly carrion, fish. Not dangerous if you don't try to catch them.Lizards do not attack a person, when he approaches go to an unattainable distance, but if you are persistent and drove the lizard into a corner, then defending, he beats his tail with such force that he is able to cause serious damage to his offender.

Lizards live throughout Thailand, including the capital of Bangkok. They can be found in the muddy canals of the city, on the waterfall Eravan, in the river Kwai, but most of all opportunities to see the monitor lizards – in Lumpini Park in Bangkok. About this Park on our website there is information in the article about Lumpini Park. There, in the ponds of the Park, they are found a huge set. It will be very interesting to come to Lumpini Park at sunset, sit near the pond and watch the ancient representatives of the huge reptiles.
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