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''Dead sea'' Lemurian lake
Ukraine, Kherson region, Grigorovka
In the Kherson region, near the village of Grigorovka there is an amazing lake. It is remarkable first of all for the color of water, which is distinguished by a characteristic pink color. However, in addition to an incredibly picturesque view, the lake also has unique healing properties – in ...
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Aktovsky canyon
Ukraine, Mykolaiv region, Aktovo
Aktovsky canyon-a canyon on the river Mertvovod of village close to Assembly Voznesensky district of the Nikolaev region, Ukraine. Starts at kilometer downstream from the village of Petropavlovka of Brotherly area. Depth up to 40—50 meters, an area of over 250 hectares.
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Askaniya Nova
Ukraine, Kherson region, Askania Nova
Reserve «Askania-Nova” is located in the Kherson region. Here is amazing nature. It is almost unique in Europe area of pristine steppe that has never been processed. the History of the reserve «Askania-Nova” Biosphere reserve «Askania-Nova" was founded by a Germa...
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Buky canyon
Ukraine, Cherkasy region, Buki
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Narcissus valley
Ukraine, Zakarpatya region, Khust
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Haunted castle
Ukraine, Lviv region, Pogortsy
In the village Pidhirtsi, Lviv region is located the old castle. In recent years it attracts tourists not only for its unique architecture, but also because living in this "Ghost" is "the White lady".
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Lubart's Castle
Ukraine, Volyn region, Lutsk
Lubart castle was built in the 14th century and today is one of the wonders of Ukraine, the pride of Lutsk. This building was preserved from the times of Duchy of Lithuania till our days almost without changes, and it is a rarity. An architectural masterpiece with towers, arches, bridges, old paveme...
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Palanok Castle
Ukraine, Zakarpatya region, Mukacheve
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The Popov Castle
Ukraine, Zaporozhye region, Vasilivka
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Richard Castle
Ukraine, Kiev region, Kiev
to Find this house, an architectural monument of the XIX century, built in the style of British Gothic on Andreevsky descent — he is there at No. 15. It looks like a real old castle and built on rather difficult terrain just below St. Andrew's Church. the Building was started in 1902 by order...
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